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Applying for work as a Personal Assistant

Diverse Cymru assists with recruitment on behalf of individuals wishing to employ a PA via the direct payments scheme in West Wales. You can Register your details below and, through our Personal Assistant Matching System (PAMS), they will be passed on to the individual requiring support.

Once they have received the application forms which meet their needs they will choose which candidates they wish to interview. They may contact you directly or ask their support worker to contact you and arrange a suitable date for an interview to take place. Interviews may be carried out in the employer’s home, the Diverse Cymru offices or in a location convenient for both parties.

If you are recruited you will be required to undertake a DBS check which is free of charge. The process for this depends on which county you will be working in, you will receive the relevant information at the point of successful interview.

Registering with Diverse Cymru

If you Register your interest in working as a PA with Diverse Cymru, we will automatically store your details into our PA Database. Your profile will be automatically set as “looking for work”.

The skills and qualities stored on your profile will then be used to match you up with the requirements of direct payment employers who are currently recruiting. If we find a match, your profile will be forwarded to the employer without providing your name and contact details. If you are shortlisted for an interview they will either request your contact details from us and make contact with you themselves or they will ask us to do so on their behalf.

Registering to be included in our PA database will also enable Diverse Cymru to contact you for temporary relief work for other Direct Payments service users.

Your profile can be edited at any time to ensure it is kept up to date. Please e-mail with your details and any additional information you would like added or changes that you would like to make.

If you have applied for a post but have not yet had a response after 4 weeks, please consider your application to have been unsuccessful. Diverse Cymru are unable to provide feedback about why your application may have been unsuccessful as we have no involvement in shortlisting of applicants and are impartial to decisions made by the direct payment recipient.

Please inform a member of the team if you are no longer looking for work as a PA. Your profile can be set to “not currently looking”.

Please note that if you are successfully matched with a direct payment recipient they, not Diverse Cymru, would become your employer.

Personal Assistant Vacancies

When Registering your details you may select up to 4 jobs from the following list. If you are not interested any of the positions currently available but would still like to Register with Diverse Cymru, you can still complete the form and Register your details. If, however, you are already Registered with Diverse Cymru but would like to apply for any of the jobs listed here, you must contact the Direct Payments team ( / 01267 245 579) and quote the job reference number(s).

Date Posted Reference Job Title Location Council Hourly Rate Apply
15-01-20180268/CABI-011/f12-13Personal Assistant required for young man Quarter Bach Carmarthenshire£9.60
12-01-20180156/CABI-011/c15-29Supportive Relief Female Personal Assistant St. Ishmael's Pembrokeshire£9.05
12-01-20180517/CABI-011/c15-26Personal Assistant Saundersfoot Pembrokeshire£8.10
12-01-20180207/CABI-011/c14-42Supportive Personal Assistant Llangwm Pembrokeshire£9.00
12-01-20180216/CABI-011/c14-29Dynamic Childrens Personal Assistant Burton Pembrokeshire£8.00
12-01-20180152/CABH-102/f09-30Personal Assistant required for young gentleman Llandeilo Carmarthenshire£8.20
12-01-20181571/CABH-071/b09-52Personal Assistant Llandybie Carmarthenshire£10.00
12-01-20180155/CABH-102/a14-31Cleaner/domestic assistant Lledrod Ceredigion£8.00
12-01-20180155/CABH-042/g16-17Personal Assistant Lledrod Ceredigion£10.00
12-01-20180040/CABH-092/h15-57Personal Assistant - Overnight Relief Burry Port Carmarthenshire£9.00
12-01-20180184/CABG-100/f11-23Personal Assistant - Relief Llanelli Town Centre Carmarthenshire£8.65
12-01-20180143/CABI-011/c12-20Personal Assistant Trefeurig Ceredigion£9.00
12-01-20180077/CABH-061/c11-24Relief Personal Assistant Kidwelly Carmarthenshire£9.00
11-01-20180430/CABI-011/b19-45Dynamic Relief Personal Assistant Merlin's Bridge Pembrokeshire£8.00
11-01-20180512/CABH-120/h14-36Personal Assistant Milford: West Pembrokeshire£8.50
11-01-20180151/CABH-120/e15-33Personal Care Assistant - Closing 19/01/2018 Llanrhystyd Ceredigion£8.50
11-01-20181609/CABI-011/b12-01Personal Assistant for young boy Llanelli Carmarthenshire£10.00
11-01-20180217/CABI-011/b08-41Supportive Personal Assistant Haverfordwest: Prendergast Pembrokeshire£9.00
10-01-20180012/CABH-090/g15-58Personal Assistants x 2 Narberth Pembrokeshire£8.50
10-01-20180271/CABH-101/d14-51Personal Assistant LLangynog Carmarthenshire£8.00
10-01-20181643/CABH-121/i11-46Personal Assistant for Young Lady Abergwili Carmarthenshire£8.55
10-01-20180256/CABI-011/a11-22Personal Assistant Llanrhian Pembrokeshire£7.75
09-01-20180519/CABI-010/j10-52Supportive Personal Assistant Milford: Hakin Pembrokeshire£8.50
09-01-20180474/CABI-010/i17-06Personal Assistant Aberystwyth Penparcau Ceredigion£9.00
09-01-20180495/CABI-010/j11-57Job title: Supportive Female Personal Assistant Milford: East Pembrokeshire£8.35
09-01-20180093/CABH-051/j12-20Personal Assistant Ammanford area Carmarthenshire£7.85
09-01-20180093/CABH-040/e17-25Relief Personal Assistant Ammanford area Carmarthenshire£7.85
08-01-20180200/CABH-072/i10-37Personal Assistant/Support Worker Llanfihangel Ystrad Ceredigion£7.50
08-01-20180199/CABH-062/g12-59Personal Assistant/Support Worker Llanfihangel Ystrad Ceredigion£7.50
08-01-20181557/CABH-062/c10-59Personal Assistant/Support Worker Llangeler Carmarthenshire£8.75
08-01-20181486/CABH-091/i11-02Personal Assistant/Support Worker Llangeler Carmarthenshire£8.25
08-01-20180324/CABG-100/d16-27Personal Assistant Cynwyl Elfed Carmarthenshire£8.25
08-01-20180219/CABH-120/b14-05Personal Assistant/Support Worker Llangeler Carmarthenshire£8.50
08-01-20180337/CABI-010/i12-47Personal Assistant Johnstown Carmarthenshire£8.50
08-01-20181638/CABH-120/g15-30Personal Assistant Dafen Carmarthenshire£9.00
05-01-20180159/CABH-120/f07-14Personal Assistant Newcastle Emlyn Carmarthenshire£8.50
05-01-20180049/CABI-010/f13-57Personal Assistant required Betws Carmarthenshire£8.00
05-01-20181601/CABH-120/e07-59Personal assistant for young boy with Autism Llandeilo Carmarthenshire£10.00
04-01-20181632/CABI-010/e17-04Personal Assistant/Support Worker Carmarthen Town North Carmarthenshire£8.25
03-01-20180242/CABI-010/d12-49Personal Assistant Domestic Support Aberystwyth Bronglais Ceredigion£8.00
03-01-20180241/CABH-103/b16-14Personal Assistant Cwmffrwd Carmarthenshire£8.50
02-01-20180516/CABH-121/d11-52Caring friendly Personal Assistant -St Davids St. David's Pembrokeshire£8.50
21-12-20171578/CABH-122/b16-21Personal Assistant required in Llandybie area Llandybie Carmarthenshire£8.30
20-12-20170424/CABH-122/a11-20Personal Assistant Llanarth Ceredigion£8.25
19-12-20171496/CABH-121/j15-09PERSONAL ASSISTANT closing date 31st January 2018 Llandovery Carmarthenshire£9.50
19-12-20171604/CABH-121/j15-03Personal Assistant St. Clears Carmarthenshire£9.00
19-12-20170178/CABH-121/j11-11Personal Assistant required Saundersfoot Pembrokeshire£8.00
14-12-20171596/CABH-092/a14-55Personal Assistant for a couple Pembrey Carmarthenshire£9.55
13-12-20171626/CABH-121/d14-55Personal Assistant for a young adult Kidwelly Carmarthenshire£8.90
13-12-20171629/CABH-121/d14-52Personal Assistant for adult Llanddarog Carmarthenshire£8.70
12-12-20170325/CABH-111/d08-52Independent Living Assistant / Personal Assistant Aberporth Ceredigion£9.00
11-12-20170009/CABH-100/c16-09Independent Living Assistant / Personal Assistant Aberystwyth Ceredigion£8.00
11-12-20170165/CABH-121/b14-15Personal Assistant for adult Scleddau Pembrokeshire£8.50
08-12-20170018/CABH-081/h08-43Fun loving Personal Assistant required Pembroke Dock: Pennar Pembrokeshire£8.50
07-12-20170480/CABH-120/h21-35Dynamic Garden loving Relief Personal Assistant Pembroke: Monkton Pembrokeshire£8.00
07-12-20170104/CABH-120/h12-34Fun Childrens Personal Assistant Milford: West Pembrokeshire£8.55
05-12-20170345/CABH-110/d13-08Personal Assistant St. Clears Carmarthenshire£9.20
05-12-20170365/CABH-080/i16-19Personal Assistant/Support Worker Carmarthen Town North Carmarthenshire£8.00
05-12-20170355/CABH-091/f14-23Personal Assistant/Nanny Fishguard North East Pembrokeshire£8.50
05-12-20170112/CABH-120/f13-57Personal Assistant Melindwr Ceredigion£8.00
04-12-20170358/CABH-120/e14-06Personal Assistant for adult Gorslas Carmarthenshire£8.50
01-12-20170031/CABH-120/b14-17Supportive Relief Personal Assistant Haverfordwest: Castle Pembrokeshire£8.80
01-12-20171521/CABH-120/b10-54Personal Assistant St. Clears Carmarthenshire£8.00
30-11-20171466/CABH-080/h15-48Personal Assistant Bigyn Carmarthenshire£8.50
22-11-20171608/CABH-110/i09-41Personal Assistant required Llannon Carmarthenshire£9.00
22-11-20170270/CABH-081/h10-47Personal Assistant Beulah Ceredigion£9.25
21-11-20171559/CABH-101/h13-47Personal Assistant required Llandeilo Carmarthenshire£9.20
13-11-20170013/CABH-111/d11-35Personal Assistant for adult Relief staff also Letterston Pembrokeshire£9.00
02-11-20171529/CABH-110/c10-48PERSONAL ASSISTANT closing date 30th December Llanybydder Carmarthenshire£8.30
02-11-20170020/CABH-110/c10-43PERSONAL ASSISTANT closing date 30th December Tregaron Ceredigion£8.50
02-11-20170237/CABH-110/c10-34PERSONAL ASSISTANT closing date 30th December Llanwenog Ceredigion£9.00
01-11-20170163/CABH-110/b16-20PERSONAL ASSISTANT closing date 30th December Llanfihangel Ystrad Ceredigion£9.00
26-10-20170092/CABH-102/g15-04Relief Personal Assistant Tumble Carmarthenshire£8.25
26-10-20170092/CABH-102/g14-50Personal Assistant Tumble Carmarthenshire£8.25
26-10-20170141/CABH-102/g12-36Relief Personal Assistant Aberystwyth Penparcau Ceredigion£8.25
19-10-20170460/CABH-101/j13-38Personal Assistant for a young adult Maenclochog Pembrokeshire£8.50
12-10-20170320/CABH-101/c14-45Female Relief Personal Assistant Haverfordwest: Castle Pembrokeshire£8.00
12-10-20170419/CABH-101/c11-37Female Personal Assistant Letterston Pembrokeshire£8.00
06-10-20170177/CABH-051/f13-18Personal Assistant Maenclochog Pembrokeshire£8.75
03-10-20170418/CABH-100/d11-47Independent Living Assistant / Personal Assistant ffostrasol Ceredigion£7.60
02-10-20170383/CABH-100/c09-36Personal Assistant Llanelli Carmarthenshire£8.00
27-09-20170434/CABH-091/c14-02Personal Assistant Faenor Ceredigion£9.00
25-09-20170013/CABH-092/f15-33Personal Assistant for adult Letterston Pembrokeshire£9.00
25-09-20171430/CABH-092/f13-12Personal Assistant for respite in your home Kidwelly Carmarthenshire£9.00
14-09-20171574/CABH-091/c16-07Personal Assistant evenings and weekends Glyn Carmarthenshire£9.00
08-09-20171582/CABH-072/i12-47Personal Assistant / Support Worker Lliedi Carmarthenshire£9.85
08-09-20171586/CABH-080/d17-00Personal Assistant/Support Worker Hengoed Carmarthenshire£8.80
16-08-20170013/CABH-042/b09-47Dynamic Team member needed - Dementia aware Letterston Pembrokeshire£9.00
10-08-20170281/CABH-081/a08-35Personal Assistant Newcastle Emlyn Carmarthenshire£8.00
03-08-20171587/CABH-080/d17-15Personal Assistant/Support Worker Dafen Carmarthenshire£8.00
18-07-20171566/CABH-071/i13-28Personal Assistant Burry Port Carmarthenshire£9.00

Register Your Details

Diverse Cymru assist with recruitment on behalf of individuals wishing to employ a Personal Assistant via a Direct Payments scheme. You can Register your details here, which will be passed on to the individual requiring support. Please note that, if you are successfully matched with a service user, this individual would become your employer, not Diverse Cymru.

Please complete the form ensuring that all required fields (those marked with an *) have been completed. Please ensure that all details are correct and try to include as much relevant information as possible, since the information provided here will be used in any attempts made to match you with an employer.

Please enter your National Insurance number. We use it to check whether you are already registered with Diverse Cymru.

Please select your first language. If you do not speak more than one language, leave the other boxes empty.

Please select at least one of the following options

Please use this section to provide useful information that would support any applications that Diverse Cymru makes on your behalf. You may wish to include: a brief outline of your educational background and qualifications, any details of your present and previous employment (including voluntary work), what makes you suitable to be a personal assistant?

Please provide details of any relevant training or skills you may have e.g. moving and handling, medication etc.

Do you have a valid UK Driving Licence?

Do you have access to a car?

Are you a smoker? (Optional)
Do you have experience of manual handling in the health and social care sector?

Please provide at least one of the following contact options

By ticking this box I confirm that I have read and understood the declaration and that I agree to apply for an enhanced DBS disclosure. I also understand that if I provide inaccurate or misleading information on my application which is subsequently discovered, this could lead to the termination of my employment.

By ticking this box I confirm that I would like Diverse Cymru to pass on my details to any employers seeking personal assistants.

By ticking this box I certify that I have the right to work in the UK.